Anyone want to part out a computer for me? :P

Yeah, I just wrote about this a few weeks ago.. I’m not really in the hardware loop and only build a PC every four years, so I really don’t know what’s good and what’s not.

I’m looking to build a PC for $1000 MAX (considerably less is welcome). Not a gaming rig but not an email machine either. Quiet is a big plus. Something with reasonable graphics performance (and dual-head is a MUST), a respectable CPU, and 4-8GB of memory. Don’t need a lot of storage, 500GB is probably more than I’ll ever need. Optical, sure, but probably don’t need bluray. Don’t really need a lot of expandability so a smaller case is preferred. I have an ATX case that I could use whose PSU and fans could probably stand to be replaced, but if you can find an awesome case that comes with those then that’s fine too.

I’m sure SOMEONE who’s reading this would love to put together a list of parts for something like this. Halp?