Pizza Hut, you’ve really dropped the ball..

I love Pizza Hut. Or maybe I don’t, anymore. I’m not sure.

So I’m staying at my friend’s for the week while I’m between apartments, and I’ve just been ordering dinner out. Tonight I just had a hankering for a stuffed crust pizza, so I went and ordered a large from Pizza Hut with pepperoni and extra cheese.

This is what I got (with three more slices, of course).

For one, I can’t tell that there’s any more cheese on here than there would be on a normal pizza. In fact, if there were any less cheese, you’d probably be able to see the sauce through holes in it. It is probably the least-cheesy pizza I’ve had in recent memory.

For two, the toppings are overcooked and dry, whereas the crust is paradoxically undercooked. It tastes doughy. The cheese stuffing in the crust isn’t even melty or chewy. It’s just kinda warm.

For three, the flavor is.. utterly unremarkable. It’s perfectly bland. It’s maybe a step above freezer pizza.

And I paid, tax and two-dollar delivery charge included, $14 for this.

This isn’t the Pizza Hut I’m used to. I’m used to gut-wrenchingly greasy but divinely delicious. I’m used to splurging for a pricey pizza and getting what I paid for. I’m not used to letting a slice sit on my plate for 10 minutes because I don’t want to finish it.

WTF happened, Pizza Hut?